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FUE Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant - The most successfully done procedure for Permanent Hair growth.

It is the process of transplanting your OWN hair from a growing area to the area showing hair loss. It restores your hair, boosts your self-esteem and elevates your confidence as your looks undergo a visible improvement.

Do you need hair transplant?
If you have lost hair and are searching for a permanent solution to your problem then you can get it through a Hair Transplant.

What is the Life span of transplanted hair?
The implants are taken from a region of your scalp which is immune to hair loss, so the transplanted hair will last you for your lifetime and you can cut, colour, trim or curl them as normal.

Hairline is marked
Donor area is cleaned and hair follicles are harvested by punching method (FUE) Follicles are maintained at low temperature.
Slits are created to give you right density and proper direction for growth, at the Recipient area .
Hair follicles are implanted in the slits created giving you a natural looking hair distribution.
No hospital Stay
Hair transplant is a comfortable and daytime procedure and the patient goes home by the same evening

Painless Procedure Hair transplant is done under local anesthesia and is not a painful procedure. Hair transplant done by FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method requires NO SUTURES as it involves no excision of the scalp. The healing is quick and PAINFREE.

- Natural looking hair.
- You get the hairline and the look you desire.
- Permanent result.
- No need to go in for wigs and patches once you get a transplant.
- No stitches, scars, pain or blood loss.
- You can go and resume work the very next day.


These are some of our success stories of our clients. Read what they say about us and our services...

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Content of the testimonials will be diplayed in this section. The wording our client is saying in the video will be summarised in there.

Dr. Taskeen
Testimonial Video

My Name is Neema and I am from Himachal. I got my hair transplant done from Kesh Clinic and I am very much satisfied with the surgery. Now I feel more confident. Thanks to Team Kesh Clinic.

Client Name: Neema | Hair Transplant

Content of the testimonials will be diplayed in this section. The wording our client is saying in the video will be summarised in there.

Client Name: ABC | Mesotherapy

What to expect after Hair Transplant

Here's a timeline of what to expect after you get your Hair Transplant

1-6 Days after Operation
On average some swelling may appear on the third day after the transplant and subsides by the sixth day. There may be a few blood clots at slit sites. A little redness is normal on the recipient area. The clots and scabs disappear after the first wash.

10-14 Days after Operation
You may experience some hair shedding. Don't panic as this is completely normal.

1-3 Months after Operation
By 1-3 months after transplant, you will notice new hair growth. This is variable but on an average a patient starts to see growth in 5-6 weeks. The new hair will thicken over time..

5-6 Months after Operation
New hair growth which is thick,comes 5-6 months after the transplant. This is thick and covers the entire implanted region.

8-10 Months after Operation
This is the time when patient fully appreciates an apparent difference in the full thickness growth of now and the condition before the transplant .The hair growth now will be of great density and overall very pleasant result is obtained and patient feels quite satisfied.

1 Year after Operation
After a year has passed some more improvement will be seen as compared to the last two months. Since this is a permanent procedure, the hair growing will continue to grow for the rest of the life.

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